An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and 8 weeks of stall-rest. The more you can increase circulation, promote inner healing, and build stronger bones, the less you have to er on the side of caution in competition.

Kathleen Rossi

Integrated Equine

I would like to take a minute to tell about my experience with my EQUIViBE… The machine is Phenomenal. My performance has improved so much with my Barrel horse. I am a 20 year World Qualifier for NBHA and it so important to me.
Linda Trotter

Trotter Equine

We use the EquiVibe therapy for many types of horses. We have had much success relieving pain and improving mobility for horses that have suffered founder, navicular syndrome, arthritis, soft tissue damage and many other ailments.
Iris Snyder

IB Stables

We are currently requiring low level laser balancing and EquiVibe prior to putting horses through our water treadmill. We have discovered we get noticeable results more quickly (increased topline, pectoral development, and underbody firming) primarily) from swimming our client’s horses if we prepare them beforehand with low level laser and vibration prior to each treadmill session.
Linda Tatum

Bar Equine Conditioning Facility

We use the EquiVibe to treat the following issues: abscess, arthritis, joints, stiffness, soreness, bone density, tendon injury, bucked shins, ligament injury, cushings, fetlock, sesamoid pastern area, hip injury, hocks, curbs, hoof issues, hoof growth, knee injuries, laminitis, founder, muscle atrophy and lots more, it’s a truly amazing product and I would recommend highly.
James Snyder

IB Stables

We use the EquiVibe for abscesses, soreness, tendon injury, cellulitis, ligament injuries, colic, EPM, hocks, hoof growth, knee injuries, laminitis, scar tissue, post performance cool down, pre-performance warm up, injury, sore backs, overall muscle soreness, stifle joint injuries, suspensory issues, ligament injury, wound healing, coffin bone.

MR Performance Horses

Why WBV?

Unlike other forms of vibration, EquiVibe saves joints from stress like rolling and twisting so that your horse can get better faster and stay better longer.

Designed with Whole Body Vertical Vibration to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation while increasing bone density, EquiVibe really gets the blood pumping. Improved circulation means better oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and of metabolic waste. To reign things in: it enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, drug free – because when your horse feels how they should, the rest comes naturally.